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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kids & Communications - Why Me?

Being an expert in telecommunications I thought I would share my knowledge with the world. Aren't you just dying to know about the latest trends and challenges in the Telco industry? Is IMS going to catch on or not? Will IPTV succeed?

No, no, don't stop reading now ... I promise that's not what I'm going to talk about!! Really!!

These are fascinating topics and I do have a lot of knowledge and opinions about them, but there are many blogs and other sources already discussing these issues.

How changes in communication technologies will affect our children and the way they live their lives -both from the technical and social aspects - is something that I haven't seen discussed. In my role as Head of Communications Research at IBM I am familiar with both the existing and the yet to be born communication technologies. As a mother dealing with the dilemmas of raising children in this era of constantly connected, I am also aware of the consequences of these technologies - both good and bad.

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