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Monday, April 7, 2008

iPhone Detrimental to Children

Is Apple's iPhone healthy for children? I would say no, but not for the reason you would expect. The iPhone has an incredibly cool interface that is based almost solely on a touch screen, which difffers significantly from existing touch screen devices in that it does not require a stylus at all!

Does this endager children's health or cause anti-social behavior? I doubt it, but it sure does cause serious addiction in parents who have a streak of "gadget geak" in them!

Yes folks, ever since my husband decided that an iPhone is what I should have for my birthday the kids have been totally neglected. They are walking around in the snow naked with severe malnutrition because I have been too busy reading everything there is to be read on the internet about the iphone. My few conversations with them have been brainwashing sessions in which I hypnotize them and make them repeat incessantly the following. "I will not be jealous when Mom gets here iPhone. I will not be jealous when Mom gets her iPhone. I will not throw any tantrums, nor will I beg for an iPhone for myself."

Many of you are probably thinking to yourselves, "so just go buy the #%@%# thing already!" So I did. Due to the shortage in the stores of the 16GB model, I ordered it online via the Apple store after which I spent days tracking it as it made its way to its final destination in Florida. Actually, I was quite surprised at the route it took.

Shenhen CN (which I originally thought must be some small town in Connecticut with an Apple warehouse) was it origin - wow, straight from the factory in China! From there it went ...Anchorage, Alaska -> Indiana -> Tennessee -> Florida.

Because I have been travelling a lot I have not yet actually touched my Birthday present, but I will soon. Perhaps after a few days of iPhone mania I will succeed in coming back down to earth and reclaiming my children ... either that or the snow will thaw and they will be able to forage on their own more easily. :)


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